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Demonstration against sponge iron pollution in Orissa

Steel News - Published on Wed, 09 Jan 2008

SNS reported that thousands of women of 11 villages in the Kutugaon gram panchayat area of Orissa has staged a demonstration in front of 2 private sponge iron plants, alleging that these plants are polluting the area.

The villagers alleged that owing to dust pollution, the vegetation has drastically come down and whatever is cultivated is unfit for consumption. They charged that repeated appeals to the district administration had failed to evoke a response. The administration is not for the common people but for the rich steel and sponge iron unit owners.

According to the resolution passed in their gram panchayat, they demand that measures be taken to check black dust, stop the use of ground water through deep bore wells, charcoals be contained within the factory’s boundaries. They wanted doctors and veterinarians for treating ailing people.

The villagers complained that some of the farmers have left vegetable cultivation and students have stopped going to schools. The dust density here is so high that it records about more than 2,000 suspended particles per cubic meter. The maximum suspended particles per cubic meter for an urban area should not exceed 250, as per pollution control norms.

Posted By : admin on Wed, 09 Jan 2008
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