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EPA Orders Shutdown of Two Steel Companies at Tema in Ghana

Steel News - Published on Thu, 11 Jul 2019

Image Source: DNT Ghana
Ghana Web reported that Environmental Protection Agency has ordered the shutdown of two steel companies at Tema Free Zones enclave. The two companies, United Steel and Rider Steel at the Free Zones enclave are cited for flouting environmental regulations of the country. Deputy Executive director of the EPA, Ebenezer Appiah in an interview with Joy FM said that "As per the procedures when you have such noncompliances issues you engage them after your investigations and then agree on a certain roadmap to ensure that it is fixed permanently, our records indicate that we have exhausted that process and we are not waiting anymore we wrote to the two companies on the first of July to shut down operations and then fix the problem before we can allow them to work."

Ghana ranked 124 in the 2018 Environmental Performance Index which ranks 180 countries on environmental health and ecosystem vitality. What this means is that the country has performed poorly when it comes to being environmentally safe. In Ghana, WHO estimates that air pollution from all sources caused about 28,000 deaths in 2016, over 4,000 of them being children under the age of 16. In the Greater Accra Region alone, outdoor pollution caused some 2,000 deaths in 2017, the WHO asserts.

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Posted By : Ratan Singh on Thu, 11 Jul 2019
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