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EVRAZ Announces Trading Update for Q2 of 2019

Steel News - Published on Thu, 01 Aug 2019

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EVRAZ has released its trading update for the second quarter of 2019. In Q2 2019, EVRAZ’ consolidated crude steel output remained flat QoQ. Total steel product sales rose by 7.7% QoQ, driven by higher demand. Sales of finished products climbed by 10.1% due to higher sales of construction products in Russia and railway products in North America.

Raw coking coal production grew by 2.2% QoQ. Raw coking coal concentrate output climbed by 21% QoQ to 4.5mt, mainly due to greater processing volumes and lower ash content.

External sales volumes of coking coal products surged by 10.3% QoQ due to increased coking coal concentrate sales after the longwall repositioning at Yuzhkuzbassugol’s Alardinskaya mine in Q1 2019 and greater shipments to Russia’s Far East. This was partly offset by lower raw coking coal sales amid lower demand at the markets in Eastern Europe.

External sales of iron ore products dropped by 49.4% QoQ as volumes were redistributed towards exports amid reduced demand on the domestic market.
Sales of final vanadium products rose by 29.7% QoQ, as lower prices and FeV stocks at end users have stimulated spot demand, particularly in the EU, Asia and North America.

Product, ktQ2 2019Q1 2019QoQH1 2019H1 2018YoY
Total crude steel production3,5073,4880.50%6,9956,8142.70%
North America501502-0.20%1,0039347.40%
Total raw coking coal mined6,9966,8442.20%13,84011,39121.50%
Total coking coal concentrate production4,4583,68421.00%8,1428,0611.00%
Iron ore products production3,5333,636-2.80%7,1696,8554.60%
Total sales of steel products13,3773,1357.70%6,5126,2204.70%
Semi-finished products1,3951,3354.50%2,7302,5168.50%
Finished products21,9821,80010.10%3,7823,7042.10%
Total sales of third-party steel products22118022.80%401417-3.80%
Sales of coking coal products2,9292,65610.30%5,5855,599-0.30%
Sales of iron ore products3235464-49.40%6991,089-35.80%
Sales of Vanadium in slag31,6601,17641.20%2,8362,8140.80%
Sales of vanadium final products43,2662,51829.70%5,7846,456-10.40%

1 The Q2 2019 production and sales volumes of EVRAZ North America are preliminary.
2 The Q1 2019 data have been adjusted.
3 The H1 2018 data have been adjusted.
4 in tonnes of pure vanadium

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Posted By : Ratan Singh on Thu, 01 Aug 2019
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