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Hyundai Elevator plans double deck elevators in Mumbai and Gurgaon

Steel News - Published on Mon, 01 Aug 2011

High rise buildings in the country, especially those with 30 floors and more, may soon see double deck elevators.

Hyundai Elevator Company of Korea is initially targeting Mumbai and Gurgaon for the product, through its joint venture, Kinetic Hyundai Elevators and Movement Technologies, Pune. A double deck elevator comprises two cars, one mounted atop the other. Both operate on a single shaft. This allows passengers on consecutive floors to use the elevator simultaneously.

The lower car serves odd numbered floors while the upper serves even numbered ones. The double deck could also be used to transport goods simultaneously with passengers.

Double deck elevators occupy less building core space when compared with traditional single deck elevators for the same level of traffic. In skyscrapers, this allows more efficient use of space, as the floor area required by elevators is significant.

Mr Manish Motwani MD of Kinetic Hyundai said that the maximum speed of a double deck elevator is 600 metres per minute, whereas the speed of an ordinary lift is 90 to 120 metres per minute. He added that \"These are generally used in multi storey buildings above 30 storeys, where the volume of traffic is large. There is also paucity of space in high-rise buildings, so double decker elevators come in handy, as they serve twice the capacity while using a single shaft. These elevators increase efficiency and save energy consumption.”

At present, Hyundai Elevators is still on the lookout for clients. The company plans to complete developing an operating system capable of managing eight double deckers by September. Currently, they have an OS capable of managing 12 single decker elevators. The company has successfully used this technology in Korea, Japan and the US.

Mr Nayan Raheja executive director of Raheja Builders said that \"The scope of double deck elevators in India will depend on how high the skyscrapers are built.”

He added that Raheja Builders is always open to welcome new technologies for our project. His only concern is the high costs associated with these kinds of elevators.

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Posted By : admin on Mon, 01 Aug 2011
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