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Kazakhstan could mine 20000 tonnes of uranium in 2012

Steel News - Published on Wed, 30 Mar 2011

Interfax quoted that national nuclear corporation Kazatomprom said Kazakhstan plans to mine 20,000 tonnes of uranium in 2012.

Mr Serik Kozhakhmetov general director of Kazatomprom Institute of High Technologies said \"Nearly 20,000 tonnes of uranium minus will be produced in Kazakhstan next year.\"

Mr Vladimir Shkolnik Kazatomprom president revealed has said Kazatomprom might achieve output of 19,600 tonnes of uranium by the end of 2011. He confirmed this year target.

He said that \"Currently Kazakhstan is very flexible in setting production targets. We are mainly relying on the market forecasts and if the situation calls for it and we can produce as much as 30,000 tonnes. Kazakhstan technological and natural resources allow for an easy and prompt response to the market demand. Kazakhstan is the only country that can ramp up the production by 20% to 30% at very short notice.\"

Kazakhstan mined 17,803 tonnes of uranium in 20010.

Kazatomprom is Kazakhstan national operator for exports of uranium and its compounds, rare metals, nuclear power plant fuel, special equipment, technologies and dual-use materials.

(Sourced from Interfax)

Posted By : admin on Wed, 30 Mar 2011
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