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Matamec retains Roche to assist rare earth yttrium zirconium Zeus project

Steel News - Published on Thu, 16 Sep 2010

Matamec Explorations Inc announced that it has retained the services of the mine and mineral processing team of the engineering firm Roche to assist in the development of its rare earths yttrium zirconium Zeus project.

The Roche team will consist of professionals’ experts known in the mining industry:
1. Mr Guy Saucier VP mining and mineral processing. Mr Saucier has over 25 years of experience in mining engineering, corporate development and exploration. His expertise includes resources evaluation, open pit mine design, and mine planning. He has been involved in several scoping studies and feasibility studies. He has participated in worldwide projects in gold, base metals, iron ore, coal, bauxite and industrial minerals.

2. Mr Alain Dorval manager of process, mining and mineral processing. Mr Dorval is a mining engineer specialized in mineral processing having over 27 years of experience in industrial operations, research, engineering, consulting and process auditing. Its expertise includes laboratory testing and pilot plant testing for various minerals including: iron ores, ilmenite, industrial minerals, sulphide minerals as well as gold and silver. He has 9 years of plant experience in mineral beneficiation. He has considerable experience with most comminution and mineral processing techniques and equipment: crushers, grinding mills, gravity concentration, magnetic separation, electrostatic separation, hydraulic classification and flotation.

3. Mr Andre Roy project manager is a geological engineer with a MBA with more than 25 years of experience promoting engineering services, in the marketing and sales of industrial minerals and products in the primary and secondary industries. He lead and produced different market studies and price assessment studies for Iron Ore and pellets, Niobium and Tantalum and various industrial minerals as part of feasibility and scoping studies. During the last few years he had different assignments as project manager on different iron ore project in Latin America.

Roche\'s first mandate is to assist Matamec\'s Zeus project team in the planning of the NI 43-101 Preliminary Economic Assessment Study. This study will include the following:

1. Geology and previous work of the Zeus property: as soon as the full results of analysis of the work carried out between May 1st and July 31st on the Zeus property, which mainly includes the Surprise showing, TH showing Falaises showing and the Kipawa deposit will be received and published, the geological data will be updated;

2. The resource estimation and geological models of the Kipawa deposit: following the first drilling campaign in fall 2009, the firm SGS Geostat calculated that the Kipawa deposit contains resources of rare earths yttrium oxides and zirconium oxides. The resource has been considered under two scenarios: 1) a resource of rare earths yttrium with zirconium as a by product or 2) a resource of zirconium with rare earths yttrium as a by product.

3. Pit and preliminary mining plans: taking into consideration that the resources are close to the surface, Roche will prepare the preliminary mine plans and the design of the pit and its initial size, operating conditions, management of overburden and waste rock, the preliminary estimation of mining equipment and maintenance facilities.

4. Process and plant engineering: following the results of metallurgical testing, the establishment of design criteria and determination of the flow sheet, Roche will identify, if necessary, the need for additional metallurgical testing, will review the flow sheet, the design criteria, the mass and water balance and will develop a preliminary process diagram. In addition, Roche will determine the list of major process equipment and energy demand.

5. Tailings: Roche will develop the preliminary design of the tailings pond and the management of waste rock.

6. Environment: An environmental base study of the Kipawa deposit will begin shortly. This study will assess the environmental sensitivity of Sairs Lake and will characterize the aquatic and terrestrial environment near the deposit, as well as upstream and downstream. The information collected during this study may serve as a basis for a possible environmental impact study.

7. Market study: The first mandate that Matamec has given to Roche as part of the PEA study is to conduct a preliminary market study of the global rare earths yttrium and zirconium market. It will subsequently be refined during the conceptual study which will identify the most favorable products and markets for Zeus project. The first market data had shown the potential value of the Kipawa deposit.

8. CAPEX, OPEX and financial analysis: At the completion of the preliminary process diagram and mass balance, the list of major equipment, Roche will prepare a budgetary estimate of capital and operating costs. In addition Roche will prepare a financial analysis based on estimated sales by market research, and the estimated project costs.

Posted By : admin on Thu, 16 Sep 2010
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