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New 2019 Honda Passport uses 21.3pct UHSS steel

Steel News - Published on Mon, 11 Mar 2019

Image Source: Repairer Driven News
Repair Driven News reported that Honda brought back the Passport last month with a 2019 model made of only 38.5% mild steel and carrying a variety of other advanced materials. Honda said “Unibody, five-passenger SUV was similar in terms of body and chassis to the next-generation 2016 Pilot and 2017 Ridgeline. Fully 61.5% of the body structure is composed of advanced materials, including the application of ultra-high-strength steel to 21.3% of the body.”

That ultra-high-strength steel includes 1,500-megapascal door reinforcement beams and front door outer stiffener rings that have been a staple of recent Honda generations

The UHSS content means there’s 21.3% of the body you can’t section or cold-straighten, among other restrictions repairers and insurers must understand. Even some of the 34.6% of the Passport Honda defines as high-strength-steel might also carry restrictions not found on mild steel, particularly Honda’s 780-megapascal content. For that matter, even Honda mild steel of 270 MPa typically bars certain traditional repairer behavior, such as heat straightening.

Honda said it used seven steel grades on the 2019 Passport, which appears to be one more than it did in the 2016 Pilot and 2017 Ridgeline, based on Body Repair News overviews.

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Posted By : Sanju Moirangthem on Mon, 11 Mar 2019
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