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Nord Stream gas pipeline reaches European mainland

Steel News - Published on Tue, 06 Jul 2010

RIA Novosti reported that the first pipe string of the Nord Stream Pipeline hit dry land in Germany coastal resort city of Lubmin.

Dr Georg Nowack Nord Stream AG project manager for Germany said the onshore connection was made on July 3 and was right on schedule. He said that \"This construction phase was important and exciting for us, not just from a technological point of view. It also has a symbolic significance, as the Nord Stream Pipeline has now reached the European mainland for the first time and, moreover here in Lubmin, the point where WINGAS is planning and already building the natural gas transfer station and the OPAL and NEL onshore pipelines.\"

He added that the pipeline was growing at up to 24 meters per hour and the second string was scheduled to reach land in mid-July.

The company said \"From fall 2011, natural gas from the Nord Stream Pipeline will flow into the transfer station which is currently being built.\"

Construction of the high-pressure systems in the station, which in the future will guarantee transport of up to 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas from the Nord Stream Pipeline is to begin in November.

It said of the 470 kilometer OPAL pipeline 260 kilometers have already been welded.

Nord Stream plans to pump gas to Western Europe, bypassing traditional transit countries such as Ukraine and Belarus blamed for previous disruptions in gas supplies to the region in the past.

Two pipelines, each with a capacity of 27.5 billion cubic meters a year, will run from the Russian city of Vyborg near the Finnish border to the German port of Greifswald.

(Sourced from RIA Novosti)

Posted By : admin on Tue, 06 Jul 2010
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