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Panna-Mukta JV plans a 9 well in fill drilling program

Steel News - Published on Tue, 21 Oct 2008

It is reported that British Gas operated Panna-Mukta-Tapti JV plans a 9 well in fill drilling program to enhance recovery from the Panna-Mukta oilfield. The project estimated to cost around USD 150 million to USD 160 million is currently awaiting approval of the management committee under the Union Petroleum Ministry.

In fill wells are aimed at pumping water inside the oil and gas reservoir for maintenance of reservoir pressure to retain or step up production from the existing production fields. Thus, the overall project is aimed at enhancing the recovery from the matured field from 10% to 20%.

Meanwhile the JV has started implementing the recently approved USD 300 million project to drill nine production wells and two platforms in Panna-Mukta. The project includes development of a satellite oilfield discovered in the region as well as stepping up oil production from Panna-Mukta field. The platforms are slated be commissioned by June 2009 followed by drilling activity.

Posted By : admin on Tue, 21 Oct 2008
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