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Port Stock of imported manganese ore in China over 3.6 million tonnes - TEX

Steel News - Published on Sun, 29 Mar 2015

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According to the local media, the stock level of imported manganese ore at the main ports in China stayed at a high level of about 3.62 million tonnes as of March 20.

The stock level was up by 180,000 tonnes plus from 3.436 million tonnes of the end of 2014 in a period of slightly less than 3 months, which shows a slight increase but gives no atmosphere of decrease and is approaching an all time high of 3.76 million tonnes which was recorded in October 2011.

A lot of port stocks also gave a great impact to prices of imported manganese ore and the prices offered to China by major resource companies have continued declining since the shipment in January 2015 and it is more likely that the price for April shipment which is now under negotiation also will be down from the prior month.

Source - The TEX Report

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Posted By : admin on Sun, 29 Mar 2015
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