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POSCO develops a new kind of steel for electric cars

Steel News - Published on Sun, 11 Mar 2012

POSCO announced that it has developed a new kind of steel for electric cars that is much lighter than the product currently in use in the market.

The company said that it has successfully developed a kind of steel that it calls POSCO Concept Electric Vehicle. The steel will be used to make the bodies of electric vehicles.

Mr Chung Joon yang CEO of POSCO said that \"PBC EV is the outcome of our sincere efforts toward green growth and co prosperity with our clients. By combining POSCO\'s cutting edge steel materials and technological prowess, we are making a good contribution to the commercialization of electric cars.\"

POSCO said that the newly developed PBC EV steel is composed of the company\'s so called ultrahigh strength steel, which is 40% more concentrated than regular steel used in car manufacturing.

To increase both the intensity and flexibility of its new product, POSCO has adopted two new methods it calls hot press forming and multi direction roll forming. It claims a car made of the PBC EV steel can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% compared to ordinary cars.

POSCO said it can develop the new product without incurring additional production costs as it uses methods very similar to those already in use. It added that \"POSCO plans to make consistent efforts to develop lighter steel materials for cars and cost saving technologies to cater to the interests of our clients.\"

Meanwhile, POSCO also held a ground breaking ceremony for another of its green initiatives on the Songdo Campus of Seoul\'s Yonsei University. The company donated KRW 20 billion to construct a four story energy efficient office building and a three story residential building in cooperation with a research center at the university. The project is billed as POSCO Green Building.

The two environmentally friendly buildings will be built with earthquake resistant steel supplied by POSCO and electricity will be produced from around 100 eco friendly energy sources. The buildings will scale back carbon dioxide emissions by about one million tonnes a year.

Source - Korea Joongang Daily


Posted By : admin on Sun, 11 Mar 2012
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