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POSCO war zone - Petition against tree felling

Steel News - Published on Sat, 30 Jul 2011

A writ petition seeking “appropriate direction” to stop cutting trees at the site of the proposed POSCO steel plant was filed in Orissa High Court.

The petition said that “50,000 trees have been cut by the government. It is ascertained from the government website that more than 500,000 different trees would be cut down in the area for the proposed steel plant.”

The petition added that “Out of the trees that would be cut down, it is estimated that almost 300,000 Jhaun (Tamarisk) trees that protect the coast from wind and sea waves would be cut down.”

In an expression of apprehension that it would affect the ecology balance and pose danger to the coastal area.

Mr Sabyasachi Mohapatra of Kujang area and two others, who said they are social workers, filed the petition.

The petitioners alleged that “People of the area are aggrieved because the trees were cut down” during land acquisition by Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd.”

The petitioners demanded that “The state government must come forward to obtain an undertaking from POSCO India Ltd to plant as many trees in the area as would be cut in the process.”

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