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Queensland coal production to double in 4 years

Steel News - Published on Wed, 04 Jul 2012

The Morning Bulletin reported that Queensland\'s coal production is expected to more than double in the next eight years. In the same period Australia is expected to become the world\'s largest gas exporter.

All of this is putting enormous strain on infrastructure. But a report released by the Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics in Canberra yesterday suggested planned infrastructure projects would be able to handle most of the growth.

The exception is in the liquefied national gas industry in which, under the high market share scenario used in the report, Australia\'s LNG exports could grow to 106 million tonnes by 2020, leaving a shortfall of 25 million tonnes of annual capacity.

The report, which used low, medium and high market share scenarios, found while planned LNG infrastructure capacity exceeded projected export volumes, there would be insufficient time to build the additional capacity by 2020.

In 2025, LNG exports are projected to range from 86 million tonnes to 130 million tonnes.

Much of this growth will come through Gladstone which has three LNG projects under way to process coal-seam gas extracted in the Surat Basin on the western Darling Downs and the Bowen Basin.

The report\'s long term projection for Australian thermal coal exports range between 267 to 383 million tonnes in 2025 with metallurgical coal ranging from 260 to 306 million tonnes.

Queensland Resources Council, in a submission, said Queensland port capacity would need to more than triple to reach 787 million tonnes by 2020, compared to its current level of around 242 million.

Federal Resources Minister Mr Martin Ferguson said he was confident the Federal Government could work with the Queensland Government on port and railway requirements despite recent differences over approval of Hancock Coal\'s Galilee Basin project near Alpha. He said he would try and get some of the companies in the Galilee Basin to co operate rather than build separate railway projects

Source - The Morning Bulletin


Posted By : admin on Wed, 04 Jul 2012
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