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SAIL ArcelorMittal auto steel JV update - Mr PK Singh

Steel News - Published on Tue, 02 Jan 2018

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Economic Times reported that Mr PK Singh Chairman of SAIL during an interview said that if ArcelorMittal acquires a stressed plant, it will export the produce and the first right of sale will be given to the joint venture. He told “Our board has paved way for a nonbinding agreement. There were commercial issues involved that is why it took longer time. All those issues have been resolved now. We areready for the signing of non-binding agreement that is called the term sheet. With that all the commercial issues are over. We have to select a site and we have to sign the definitive agreement.”

Q - Has the company settled the issues on supply of steel to the JV at lower prices?

A - There are different grades of steel and a general philosophy has evolved and our board has also approved that. It is a total package, you concede somewhere and you gain somewhere. They have also conceded on many grounds and some of the areas we have conceded. We have gained on some other aspects. Once has to ultimately see the overall benefit of the company. Both the companies are quite happy.

Q - Is there a non-compete clause to protect the joint venture?

A - It is 50:50 joint venture and there are non-compete clauses. It is a very complex and very detailed issue and we have taken a comprehensive view so that we do not create competition within ourselves. Even if they acquire a stressed asset, the particular grades made, cannot be sold in this country. None of the plants will compete directly with the joint venture. This joint venture will have a capacity of 1.5 million tonnes, which later both companies can decide to further enhance. The first priority or the first right of selling will be of the JV.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Tue, 02 Jan 2018
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