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Tangshan Expands Production Restrictions During September 2-7

Steel News - Published on Wed, 04 Sep 2019

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Tangshan government announced production cuts by steel mills during 18:00 CST September 2 to 12:00 CST September 7, in anticipation of poor pollutant diffusion conditions. During September 2-7, all but one of the sintering machines at Tangyin Iron & Steel and the northern district of Tangshan Iron & Steel should stop operation, while other steel mills have to cut sintering capacity by no less than 50%. Coke plants were required to suspend coal feeding and coke producing from late night to the next noon during that period. The latest regulations cover steel mills in districts of Lubei, Lunan, Gaoxin, Kaiping, Fengnan, Guzhi, as well as cities of Luanzhou and Qian’an.

This came on top of the city’s smog-control plan for September, which was not as stringent as that for August. More than 30 steel mills in Tangshan have been asked to cut operations throughout the month. From September 1 to 27, sintering operations at mills will be cut between 20% and 50% and blast furnaces by 30%. During the second phase of September 28 to October 4, near to the National Day holiday starting October 1, mills will have to limit both their sintering and blast furnace output by 30% to 50%

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Wed, 04 Sep 2019
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