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Tata Steel BSL Kavach Keeping Workers safe from COVID-19

Steel News - Published on Mon, 29 Jun 2020

Image Source: Tata Steel BSL Kavach Coronavirus COVID19
Business Standard reported that Tata Steel BSL has put in a place a novel system to keep its workers safe from the deadly contagion COVID-19. The company has partnered global consultancy Boston Consulting Group to implement Tata Steel BSL Kavach. Over 60 days into its initiation and roll out, the Corona proof system has proven to be fool proof to this date. Tata Steel BSL Kavach is a six-layered system, catering to government, supplies and operations protocols. The company’s intent was to modularise the whole workforce into small, self-contained units called pods. Each pod can have from two to a maximum of 10 workers. The workers are skilled enough to manage the operations within a pod without depending on their counterparts in other pods. This helps curb inter-pod movement. A pod can be a control room or a Hot Strip Mill.

People within a pod have very limited cross movement and interaction. To reduce the risk of contamination across shifts, a 30-minute air gap is maintained between two shifts. Fifteen minutes before the shift ends, employees rigorously sanitize their work areas and tools and exit through designated gates. The next shift enters 15 minutes later through a separate gate, wherever possible and once again cleans the work area and tools before use. If any worker within a pod is infected, the entire pod is quarantined but functions at other pods continue uninterrupted.

However, certain functions of a steel complex entail cross movement of workers, which runs the risk of pod breaches.

The latest system to ring fence the workers from Covid-19 is operational across Tata Steel BSL facilities- Sahibabad in NCR, Meramandali in Odisha, Khopoli in Maharashtra and other units. The entire employee strength of around 28,000 at Tata Steel BSL has been split into 2000 pods across locations. The initiative was launched on April 20 this year by Rajiv Singhal, managing director, Tata Steel BSL.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Mon, 29 Jun 2020
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