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Tesla linked to New Steel International steel mill in Michigan - Report

Steel News - Published on Wed, 06 Dec 2017

Electrek reported that a giant multibillion-dollar factory project has been seeking approval and funding in Michigan for months now under secrecy with the codename “Project Tim.” Information trickled down in filings over the last year, but they were always able to hide the company or companies behind the project. Now New Steel International Inc has confirmed to be behind the project and they are insinuating that other companies, including Tesla, are also behind the effort.

CEO John Schultes told Crain’s that other companies are involved He said “It’s a little too early to really go public with things. There are a lot of companies trying to make this happen.”

The publication claims that Schultes taunted “investor interest” in the project from GM, Tesla, and DTE Energy Co. When asked about the claim, Schultes responded “Whoever is telling you all of this is certainly well informed, but I’m not going to confirm or deny it.”

Tesla had previously been linked to the project, apparently only because it was said to have to do with renewable energy and it was when Tesla started talking about new Gigafactory projects in the US. This report is a new angle on Tesla’s potential involvement in the project

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Posted By : Ratan Singh on Wed, 06 Dec 2017
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