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Thailand passes bill to shut down factories that produce substandard steel

Steel News - Published on Tue, 12 Jun 2012

Bangkok Post reported that the cabinet has approved a draft bill that would allow the Industry Ministry to shut down factories that produce substandard steel.

Industry minister Mr MR Pongsvas Svasti said that the new law would stipulate the type of raw materials to be used and the quality of products made in factories in accordance with the Factory Act of 1992. This will result in the need for steel factories to produce steel in line with the standards of the Thai Industrial Standards Institute.

Mr MR Pongsvas said that the ministry\'s Industrial Works Department will have the authority to close down factories that produce substandard steel.

Dr Witoon Simachokedee, the industry permanent secretary, said that the Act will help solve the problem at its root, helping to boost confidence in the safety of houses and construction in general. He added that \"We hope from now on the spreading of substandard steel in the construction business will be lessened, and I\'d like to warn factories and stores that sell substandard steel to stop making and selling the products.\"

He said the TISI\'s efforts in demolishing the products have deterred construction suppliers that used to sell substandard steel, as it is not worth getting caught. If there is no demand, then the production of substandard steel declines.

Meanwhile, people who own houses and other buildings are increasingly aware of the substandard steel in the market. More homebuyers building on their own are selecting the steel themselves, as some small contractors are purchasing lightweight steel to maximize profit.

As for the confiscated steel that was stolen in Pathum Thani province recently, the Department of Special Investigation and police have already taken action against the owner of the area involved.

Source - Bangkok Post


Posted By : admin on Tue, 12 Jun 2012
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