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Timeline for Project Tim development not clear - Durand official

Steel News - Published on Thu, 07 Dec 2017

Image Source: Mlive
Rumors about a massive development project in mid-Michigan included projections that it could involve steel production and that was confirmed on Monday. No residents of Durand showed up at the City Council meeting later that day to question or react to the news about the so-called Project Tim, said City Manager Ms Colleen O'Toole.

Firm details on the project estimated to cost up to USD 6 billion remain undisclosed.

She said that "(W)e anticipate that a future announcement will contain more accurate information regarding the exact nature of the project, its partners, and the overall project scope.”

Meanwhile, Ms O'Toole said, a regional planning board is being formed to consider the process for the facility. It includes Durand, the townships of Vernon and Venice.

Ms O'Toole said in an email after the meeting that "Those planning meetings will be made open to the public and we strongly encourage public participation once we kick off our master planning activities.”

The news on the planning board came in a statement that O'Toole read at the council meeting about the project.

Some members of the community had been concerned for months as options were acquired for up to 1,000 acres in the community along I-69 between Lansing and Flint.

Confidentiality agreements precluded many details from being released, although officials said the effort could bring 800 jobs to Shiawassee County.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Thu, 07 Dec 2017
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