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Tosyali Holding to build world’s largest DRI Combo Plant in Algeria

Steel News - Published on Fri, 17 Jul 2015

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Tosyali Holding has awarded in June 2015 Midrex Technologies Inc and its partner Paul Wurth SA Technologies Inc the project to build the world’s largest multiple product direct reduced iron plant for Tosyali Algeria located in Bethioua (Oran), Algeria.

The new MIDREX NG™ Direct Reduction Plant Combo will be designed to produce 2.5 million tons of DRI and have the capability to vary its production to produce hot direct reduced iron (HDRI) and/or cold direct reduced iron (CDRI) simultaneously without stoppage of production. This new DRI plant will be the largest single DRI plant to produce multiple DRI products in combination. HDRI will be fed via an Aumund hot transport conveyor to a new EAF meltshop located adjacent to the MIDREX® DRI Plant allowing for greater EAF productivity and energy savings; CDRI can also be produced for additional onsite use.

The new Tosyali Algeria MIDREX® DRI Combo Plant will provide the Tosyali Algeria steelmaking facility with greater production flexibility to produce high quality, low impurity steels as well as decrease their demand for imported scrap.

There are two main benefits of charging hot DRI (HDRI) to the EAF: lower specific electricity consumption and increased productivity. The energy savings occur because less energy is required in the EAF to heat the DRI to melting temperature, resulting in a shorter overall melting cycle.

Additional benefits of charging hot DRI (HDRI) to the EAF are:
Less energy required to heat the DRI to melting temperature.
Shorter overall melting cycle
Reduced electrode consumption
Reduced tap-to-tap time up to 20% compared to charging DRI at ambient temperature.
Reduced electricity consumption about 20 kWh/t liquid steel for each 100° C increase in DRI charging temperature.
Lower overall emissions due to lower electricity demand and reduced need for charge carbon

The history of Tosyal? Holding goes back to 1952. Iskenderun’s first holding, Tosyal? Holding, began a rapid period of growth in the 1980’s. Tosyal? Holding has 16 facilities throughout Turkey with 6 in the Osmaniye Organized Industry Zone (OIZ), 1 in Istanbul, 1 in Izmir, 7 in the Iskenderun OIZ and 1 in the investment stage. Also the company has 2 facilities in the North African country of Algeria and 1 in Europe’s Montenegro. Tosyal? Holding has a total of 18 facilities on 3 continents in 6 different regions along with 12 affiliates. Under the Tosyal? Holding umbrella there are the 3 production companies Tosçelik Profil ve Sac Endüstrisi A.?. , Tosyal? Demir Çelik Sanayi A.?. and Tosçelik Granül San. A.?., which are all leaders in their own sectors, and Tosyal? D?? Ticaret A.?., which conducts the foreign trade operations.

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Posted By : Robichandra Sanasam on Fri, 17 Jul 2015
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