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Tosyali Toyo awards FAC for continuous galvanizing line to Danieli

Steel News - Published on Mon, 11 Mar 2019

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Final Acceptance Certificate received from Tosyali Toyo for the continuous galvanizing line. The 200-mpm line features the latest-generation X-Jet gas wiping system, ensuring excellent coating uniformity over the whole range of thicknesses (0.2-3.0 mm, HR and CR material). Excellent flatness and roughness characteristics are obtained thanks to the Danieli Skin Pass and Tension Leveler.

The Danieli Centro Combustion furnace for high-temperature annealing and rapid cooling includes low-inertia radiant-tube heating and a direct-firing zone applying low-NOx/CO burner technology.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Mon, 11 Mar 2019
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