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Trade Unions Call to Withdraw Decision to Stop ArcelorMittal Poland Units

Steel News - Published on Wed, 10 Jul 2019

Image Source: gospodarka.dziennik
Trade unionists from ArcelorMittal Poland again called on the company's management to withdraw from the decision to temporarily shut down the blast furnace and steel plant in the Krakow steelworks. They have announced protests if the company does not respond positively to their demands within two weeks. In a letter to the chairman of the Geerta Verbeeck company published on Tuesday by the Silesian-Dabrowska Solidarity office, trade unions pointed out that since the decision on the temporary shutdown of the furnace and steelworks was announced, the external conditions for the Krakow works changed. They said "We can not see any actions on the part of the ArcelorMittal Poland Management Board and the ArcelorMittal Directorate, which would lead to withdrawal from the decision to suspend the work of the blast furnace and the steel plant in the Krakow works.”

Trade unionists also pointed out that the management of the concern has not yet informed the social side, when exactly and for how long it will be excluded the raw material part of the Krakow steelworks and what will happen to the employees employed there.

At the beginning of May, ArcelorMittal Poland announced that from September it plans to temporarily suspend the work of the raw material part in the Krakow steelworks, ie a large furnace and steelworks.

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Posted By : Ratan Singh on Wed, 10 Jul 2019
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