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Trump Trade War - Canada may get further exemption if NAFTA talks are going well – Mr Ross

Steel News - Published on Wed, 16 May 2018

Image Source: SteelGuru
The Star quoted Mr Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross as saying that US President Donald Trump might extend Canada’s exemption from US steel and aluminum tariffs if NAFTA talks go well. Trump granted Canada and Mexico an additional 30-day exemption to the tariffs on April 30, lasting until June 1. His administration said then that these would be the “final” 30 days for talks on the matter. Mr Ross signaled that Trump is open to a longer reprieve. He said that “Depending where we are with NAFTA on June 1, the president will decide whether or not to extend their situation. So it’s un-forecastable at the moment.”

Mr Ross said all of the big hot topics the rules of origin, the sunset provision, the dispute resolution provision, labour things, big topics like that...are still a work in progress. He said that “And those are very complex issues, particularly rules of origin. So it eventually will come down to every comma, every semicolon, everything, before we can figure out if it’s something that’s workable.”

Mr Joseph Galimberti, president of the Canadian Steel Producers Association, said that Ross’s remark was “encouraging.”

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Wed, 16 May 2018
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