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US Steel Garry Blast Furnaces to Restart After Flooding

Steel News - Published on Mon, 02 Dec 2019

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NWI Times reported that US Steel is starting to restore blast furnaces to operation at the sprawling Gary Works steel mill after severe flooding the day before Thanksgiving. US Steel spokeswoman Ms Amanda Malkowski said "The water disruption has been resolved and the team is in the process of restarting auxiliary assets within Gary. We expect the first blast furnace to be brought back on line over the weekend. Gary Works is expected to be back to its pre-flood blast furnace footprint by mid-week. Customers should not be adversely impacted by these steps."

Steelworkers and skilled union trades people worked around the clock over the holiday to vacuum water out of the steel mill. The flooding had been so significant employees' cars were partly submerged underwater at the mill.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Mon, 02 Dec 2019
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