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VIST Automated Solution Improves Ore Quality at EVRAZ KGOK Operations

Steel News - Published on Mon, 22 Jul 2019

Image Source: Mining Magazine
An automated system for monitoring mining vehicles, developed by VIST Group, has been deployed at EVRAZ’s Kachkanarsky mining and ore processing plant operation in Russia, the Zyfra Group subsidiary confirmed. The iron ore at KGOK is mined in four open pits: the Glavny, Zapadny, Severny and Yuzhny deposits. The ore is removed from the pits by BELAZ trucks and delivered to the crushing plant by rail. Pit machinery includes heavy duty 130 tonne dump trucks, modern NP-1 locomotives and 12 m² capacity excavators.

Some 58.5 million tonne of ore was mined at the KGOK operations in 2018, which was processed into 3.5 million tonne of sinter and 6.5 million tonne of pellets

Work on the autonomous investment project, which required USD 1.23 million in funding, began in November 2017. So far, 19 communication towers have been installed around all the operations, while 30 excavators and 35 BELAZ trucks have been equipped with sensors and navigation antennae, as well as smart displays in the driver’s cabs, VIST said.

Mr Alexander Bondarenko, Business Unit Director at VIST Group, said that “Thanks to the joint efforts of specialists from KGOK and VIST Group, a sophisticated and up-to-date system for managing mining vehicles has been deployed at the EVRAZ plant.”

Mr Bondarenko said that “Following Phase 2 of project implementation, which will cover rail transportation and quality control of ore arriving at the plant from the shipping sheds, the system will be the most sophisticated in the Russian ore mining sector.”

The VIST Group system tracks and displays real-time information on the locations and operating conditions of dump trucks, dozers, excavators, automatic loaders and “mobile canteens”.

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Posted By : Ratan Singh on Mon, 22 Jul 2019
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