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Kridhan Infra Limited's associate company Vijay Nirman Company Private Limited has secured orders worth INR 145 crores, for construction of Passenger Terminal Building

Posted By : Mohan Sharma 19 hours 13 minutes ago
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The Foothill Gold Line Construction Authority Board of Directors awarded the main design-build contract for the Foothill Gold Line light rail extension to

Posted By : Mohan Sharma 19 hours 8 minutes ago
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PTI reported that the Supreme Court has cleared the decks for the Chardham highway project, which will connect four holy places in the hills of Uttarakhand through 900 kilometer all-weather roads

Posted By : Mohan Sharma 19 hours 11 minutes ago
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Global Construction Review reported that work has begun on clearing the site for Ghana’s “National Cathedral”, which the government is promoting as a way of unifying the west African country.

Posted By : Mohan Sharma 19 hours 7 minutes ago
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The US Government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation has announced its intent to deploy a new strategic collaboration with Bechtel Infrastructure Corporation and the Government of Côte d’Ivoire

Posted By : Mohan Sharma 19 hours 10 minutes ago
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The Real Deal reported that a venture capital firm led by a scion of one of the world’s largest construction companies has launched a USD 100 million fund to invest in construction tech.

Posted By : Mohan Sharma 19 hours 6 minutes ago
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The Chancellor announces over GBP 600 million of new investment to build up to 50,000 new homes in high demand areas in England.

Posted By : Mohan Sharma 19 hours 3 minutes ago
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Artificial Intelligence has always been a topic of debate is it good for us? Are we walking towards a better future or an inevitable doom? According to an on-going research program by McKinsey Global Institute

Posted By : Mohan Sharma 19 hours 4 minutes ago
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Organic design architecture studio has taken up one corner of the vacant first floor of a 33 year-old rental office building in tokyo to create rebar, a 150 square meter free space to be used for lectures, discussions...

Posted By : Mohan Sharma 19 hours ago
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Nebraska architecture and engineering firm HDR has been is to work on a USD 870 milion rail project at the Californian port of Long Beach, which has the second-busiest container terminal in the US.

Posted By : Mohan Sharma 1 day 18 hours 2 minutes ago
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