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France net power importer in November fell - RTE

Power News - Published on Fri, 29 Dec 2017

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Reuters reported that France was a net electricity importer in November as power generation from its nuclear reactors fell, while consumption rose due to cold weather. France, which depends on its 58 nuclear reactors for more than 75 percent of its electricity needs, is usually a net power exporter in Europe.

RTE said in its monthly report that Total electricity consumption during November rose 1.1% to 44,789 gigawatt-hour compared with the same month a year ago. It added that France imported 826 GWh of electricity on a net basis during the month, mostly from Britain and Spain, becoming a net importer for the first time since January.

French nuclear power production fell by 2.6% compared with November 2016, due to a high number of nuclear reactor outages for maintenance and safety checks demanded by the ASN French nuclear regulator.

French hydro power generation also fell during the month by 6.8 percent compared with the same month a year ago, while conventional thermal power generation rose 6 percent during the same period.

French wind power output was stable in November, while electricity generation from solar panels rose nearly 22 percent to 449 GWh compared with November 2016.

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Posted By : Nanda Koijam on Fri, 29 Dec 2017
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