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Zamil Steel honored with Environmental Performance Certificate 2012

Steel News - Published on Mon, 14 Jan 2013

Zamil Steel Ras Al Khaimah was recently awarded the Environmental Performance Certificate by the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water, in recognition of its outstanding efforts to comply with environmental protection standards and regulations to assure environmental sustainability during 2012.

The certificate was awarded to Zamil Steel Ras Al Khaimah during a special ceremony held on 10th January 2013 at the Raffles Hotel in Dubai, UAE. The company was required to meet a series of stringent environmental standards and conditions in order to achieve the certification.

The EPC, which seeks to encourage businesses to support efforts to protect the environment and reduce pollution, is awarded based on the review of the environmental permit obtained; health, safety and environment; the implementation of cleaner production, monitoring and control of gaseous emissions and particulate matters; management of chemical substances, and integrated management of solid, non hazardous and hazardous wastes; treatment and reuse of domestic and industrial wastewaters; and noise, odor hazard, and nuisance control.

Earning the environmental performance certificate demonstrates Zamil Steel\'s continued commitment to environmental responsibility as it continues to produce environmentally friendly products and reduce pollution and waste. It also confirms the company\'s successful commitment to the development of the community and protection of the environment and ecosystems.

Source - Zamil Steel Ras Al Khaimah


Posted By : admin on Mon, 14 Jan 2013
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